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Welcome to the wiki! Howto will eventually hold a fulltext search index of resources for democoding and related topics. See for the inspiration.

Please edit freely to improve the project. There is a "Discuss" link in the upper-right corner if you would like to ... well, discuss changes before making them on the main pages. Each wiki page has its own talk page for discussion.

How shall we organize our index?

These are all up for discussion and modification as we plan the index.

* Definitions: what types of information are important, and what shall we call them?

* Sources: what shall we index?

* Metadata: how shall we break it down?

* Implementation: what will provide the index?


If it's useful to someone learning to make demos or improving demomaking skill, it's worth considering for addition to the index. Yes, that includes basic coding tutorials, if they are pertinent and helpful. Let's make it as easy as possible for each person to find exactly that material relevant to that's person's experience and needs.


You can edit with PmWiki syntax or Creole syntax. Email howto at planet hyphen d dot net for an account to get edit access.

Content here

My thought is to index content that exists elsewhere. However, we can also post content here. See Docs for any such content (the "Docs" group of pages).


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