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Lots of things have lots of different names. These are the ones we'll use in this project.


An individual, well, document! Generally covers a particular topic. Could be a single web page, a file in a GitHub repo, or a book chapter. Not as big as a whole Web site or book.
A collection of >=1 pages of information. A whole web site or repo, or a whole magazine issue or book.
Which realm of creative activity a document comes from. Could be, e.g., scene (demoscene), academia, or others listed below.


  • scene: the demoscene
  • shader: ShaderToy, GLSL hacking community
  • visual: Visual arts. DeviantArt, ASCII/ANSI art outside of the scene. Includes the visual side of game development.
  • audio: Sound and music. SoundCloud, BandCamp, ... . Includes the audio side of game development.
  • combo: Non-scene, but related to A/V sync, interactivity, or other combinations of areas. A "how to make a game from scratch" series would go here.
  • academic (?): Academia that doesn't fit in one of the above. Textbooks, journals. Trade magazines as well?
  • vendor (?): Resources from video, sound card manufacturers, or other hw or sw vendors
  • hobby (?): Resources from hobbyists and random hackers
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