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Each document should be indexed with, and searchable by, the following metadata if at all possible. See Definitions#Terms for what these words mean.

TODO check out the Dublin Core list and grab what makes sense.

Possible terms

  • title
  • source ID (GUID? SHA256 of a canonical name?)
  • world
  • author(s)
  • Date created; date last updated (to the extent we can tell)
  • Format (text, video, magazine, book, ...)
    • For folks just getting started, should we also index links to, or contents of, free asset libraries? I think coders reading ps's 14days would benefit from some gfx and msx to start with.
  • AV flag indicating the doc discusses graphics or sound. E.g., generic "intro to C" docs would not have the AV flag set, and the default search would exclude such documents.
  • Handles (doi, ISBN, ISSN, URL, other name or location info)
  • Subject area (code/gfx/msx)?
  • Expertise level of the authors?
  • Expertise level of the target audience (is this document intended for newbies or experts?)
  • Detail level of the document / how close to implementation (e.g,. for gfx, is it just the math, or does it also have code?)
  • Type (introduction, topic-specific tutorial, walkthrough, course, reference, tool docs, annotated source?)
    • ps's 14 days and gargaj's codeacademy fit somewhere
  • Code license?
    • Maybe just a commercial vs. noncommercial flag so you can filter out results that use expensive tools
  • Applicable tools (VS, gimp, openmpt, ...)
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Page last modified on January 12, 2017, at 12:07 AM